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Origin: Chicagoland/NWI

Genre: Funk,RnB,World,Rock,Fusion

Years Active: 2014-present

Label: Indie

Official Websites:

Our vision has always been to create positive music and culture. Our goals are to utilize that music to break down social barriers and stereotypes, with a pallet for profusion of musical consciousness.  By way of unity through diversity, we seek to inspire future generations. From the Jazz motifs on the trumpet, to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern runs on the bouzouki, to the funky soulful rhythm section, Caught on Cline encompasses the diversity musically that creates their unit. 

Beginning in the summer of 2014, it has conjoined musicians from Funk, Rock, Soul, Jazz, R&B, and World Music. This has allowed for articulate, dynamic and harmonious melodies that ring in your memory, spark the soul and move hips.

Caught on Cline is currently working on their 3rd album. The band is excited to release their new single “When You're Down” on 8.24.19. It is part of a much larger project, that includes EP's that are a concept album based on self care, thru meditation, mental health, love, overcoming adversity, and rest. 

Yours Gratefully,

Caught on Cline

Alex Akers 

Trumpet,Guitar, Vocals


Nicholas Gerasimos Kazonis :



Nikolce Janakievski 


Tommy Fell

Drums, Percussion, Vocal

Former Members but still family:

Keith Murphy, Ray Vick, James Hamilton

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