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Caught On Cline


Region Media Network's Music Awards Winner in Non-Mainstream Category

Tom Lounges NWI Times Best Albums of 2021

"1. The Next Set" is a perfect choice to pop on when planning an evening by the fireside with a bottle of wine, as it flows, grooves and sashays well from start to completion. Nice songs, great playing and solid production throughout the eight selections. Highlights: "I Can't Live Without You," "Days Are Fragile," and "If You Love Me."

Tom Lounges - NWI Times/Lakeshore Public Radio

Caught On Cline is a very unusual band – smart, toe-tapping rock with rhythms that will make you sit up and go, “Wow!” And with three albums of original music under their belt, you’re in for an evening of great new sounds plus covered favorites that will combine to a super satisfying night of music.

-Abbey Farms-



What happens when a bouzouki, a trumpet and RnB fuse together? You get Caught On Cline, also known as CoC; a lyrical thought provoking blend of RnB/Soul, grooving Funk and thematic timbres of World Fusion. The message behind it all, love thru unity and diversity. The group builds on classic themes borrowing from all the genres they seek and wish to explore, all while curating a sui generis perspective. Their 2021 Release “I.The Next Set” is more centered thru the lense of RnB and Soul, while still paying homage to the classic CoC ethos. The group plans to explore in all directions, but always keeping the same open message of love,acceptance, and consciousness. 

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